TPG Data Services (TPG-DS) delivers 15+ years of generic drug pricing expertise to our clients, providing a subscription-based service designed for healthcare payors and employers looking to better manage generic drug costs, complimented by one-on-one consulting services when needed.


Estimated Acquisition Cost (EAC) Data

Manage drug costs more closely and gain access to TPG-DS’ Estimated Acquisition Cost (EAC) subscription-based data service. Benefit from the latest business intelligence with real-time updates to drug pricing information specifically drug pricing information net of any rebates or proportional pricing.

Click here to view a sample EAC report.

Customized MAC Lists

Sudden increases and decreases in generic drug prices make it difficult for payors to set an appropriate MAC. Tailor your MAC pricing to align with your pharmacy network strategy to ensure a fair, consistent, and transparent methodology for reimbursement. Work with the TPG-DS team to develop and implement customizable client MAC lists to help manage the changing pricing of generic drugs.

Generic Drug Pricing Auditing and Benchmarking Professional Services 

Don’t miss the chance to integrate a turnkey technology solution without the hassle of investing in additional IT resources.

  • Reduce the complexity and time behind sifting through volumes of data
  • Deliver actionable advice to assist C-level suite decision-making
  • Report automatically based on needs, yielding cost reduction opportunities
  • Benefit from drug pricing expertise from TPG-DS financial and clinical performance experts

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